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Every organization has a sales strategy to drive revenue. When speaking about sales funnels, in particular, the focus is usually on client management’s internal process and how clients are being moved through stages from initial contact to conversion. From an external perspective, where does your company’s website fit into this discussion? The most successful organizations make sure they know the answer.

Websites Should Drive Leads

The “customer journey” is a marketing concept, and as we know, marketing drives sales. So, if an organization’s website isn’t considered an asset, it is missing a vital piece of the sales funnel. Today, an…

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Jeffrey Epstein, Casey Anthony, Bernie Madoff, Michael Peterson: the public remembers these names in infamy due to the attention paid them in the media more than for the actual crimes committed. In today’s zeitgeist, the media determine the crimes considered worthy of attention, and the public becomes the judge, jury, and executioner. White-collar and serious crimes such as homicide become the focus for two reasons; the heinous nature of the crime and or the shock of the suspected perpetrator being from a respected industry with a high education level. …

What Does Riley Mean to Me?

Today marks the second anniversary of my dog Riley’s passing. I loved that dog like he was my child. I was fiercely protective, a little (okay maybe a lot) neurotic about his welfare, and I tended to use him as an excuse to go home (side benefit).

However, I was too young when I got him. I didn’t understand what responsibility meant when it came to taking care of an animal. Especially a puppy. I lost a very important friendship over him. Literally.

But I don’t regret getting him for a second. He was…

I know this sounds like a random topic but I’ve had some terrific memories in diners.

Beyond the fact that I love how many different types of food they offer — I’m a solid breakfast girl at all hours of the day/night — diners turned into a gathering place for my friends and I.

And this phenomenon wasn’t just associated with one group. It spanned many years, different states, and different groups of friends. I think it’s because diners are comfortable. You can find the same cracked seats, stained tables, pink-haired waitresses and plastic menus at all of them. …

This is adapted from a Facebook response I posted this week.

I posted this article on my Facebook page; written anonymously in The Federalist by an urban, millennial woman who voted for Donald Trump. I found the article to have a very interesting perspective so I decided to share it. I knew there might be some strong comments and I wasn’t wrong.

The following was my response.

I wasn’t going to make a comment on this post. I thought this article had an interesting perspective, one I hadn’t seen before, and wanted to share it. That was all.

However, I’m…

I started this post about a month ago. That’s how much of a procrastinator I am.

I have this false sense of needing to really feel something in order to get it done, and obviously that’s not productive. Of course, I force myself to get the necessary daily things done for work. Keeping a roof over my head and food in my fridge is kind of a priority. However, you would think since I love to write, that this piece would come easy. I’m best friends with procrastination, we know each other well, so this should flow.


Not the…

Fear is a fickle thing. She has no loyalty, no discretion; she’s the ultimate indulgent with no bias to speak of. She attaches herself to literally anything we put in front of her.

In the last couple of weeks fear had it out for me. I was in a position that fear thrives on. I had the opportunity to do something in which the outcome had the potential to shatter a dream. Fear was having a field day. Yipping, hollering and dancing around my mind like she’d won the lottery. I gave her her space for over a week and…

America is in a very emotionally charged political environment right now. This piece isn’t meant to sway opinions from one party to the other. It’s a call for humanity, civility, compromise, common sense and understanding from everybody.

We’ve lost our way. I use the universal “we” because, as human beings, we all bleed red.

I’m going to say that again — WE. ALL. BLEED. RED. We all have the responsibility to engage and try to make things better.

We’re at a point right now, where we’re choosing not to find common ground with each other, at the exact moment it’s…

Told from the perspective of a 36-year-old single, independent woman.

At its core, this question is difficult for me. My feelings about being single change fairly frequently.

Sometimes daily; when I find out another friend is getting married. Sometimes from one minute to the next; scrolling my Instagram or Facebook feed. Sometimes not for months at a time; when I’m out enjoying the life I want to live, the way I want to live it.

Being single for me is more than just a status update. More than just a box you check off. It’s become a mindset. One I’ve grown into naturally. “Single” means “only one”. I’m an only…

I’ve never been ashamed of my struggle with depression. I’ve never felt bad about my need for therapy. If we’re friends or even acquaintances, it’s most likely you already know this about me.

But I don’t go into the details very often because depression is, well, depressing. But this illness that I’ve struggled with — and conquered — for over ten years is something I’ll be dealing with for the rest of my life.

I understand it. I can tell you if it’s coming. I know what triggers it. Sometimes I can handle it swiftly. Sometimes it takes a while…

Marissa Williams

Traveler, adventurer, writer, avid reader, dog lover. Creator, The “What Does” Series. Check it out.

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